Update Your Address Book!

Update Your Address Book!

Holidays and Celebrations need people and you need a way to reach them… Is your address book up to date?

In preparation for the Holidays, now’s the time to Organize your Address Book by making sure your information is up-to-date for family and friends. This includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information.

Holidays Need Address Books

Time to Update Your Address Book

Some tips… If you use a ‘paper’ address book, you can purchase white labels to cover outdated addresses to keep the book looking messy or just make it a habit to write in pencil. If you keep a computerized address book assign entries to groups so you’ll be able to select the ‘Family&Friends’ group quickly to do mailings.

And most importantly, keep your address book consistently in the same location, let your family know where you keep your contact list in case of emergency, and always be sure you have your contact file backed up! (and this includes your phone!)

I keep addresses in a computerized file using Gmail … It lets me have access to contacts on my phone, provides a backup automatically, enter or change information easily, assign groups and extract information to print labels whenever needed. Twice a year I print a list and put that in a file for extra safekeeping.

Now of course my method satisfies the ‘nerd’ in me but it’s always best to do what works for you regardless of how antiquated or technology savvy the system may be.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Chanukah!
Enjoy all your Celebrations!

P.S. Call us today if you need some help getting your address book or other things organized!

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