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Back to School Planner

Back to School Planner

Chances are you use one of these every day, whether it’s a paper one – or – one on your phone. It also keeps your mind on the tasks at hand so that your brain doesn’t explode!


What am I talking about? Well a planner of course! If it helps you out, imagine what it can do for your kids and their crazy busy schedules. Initiating a planner system with your middle school or high school child helps teach them responsibility and accountability, important life skills that helps them acclimate to college and ultimately the “real world”.
A paper planner is a true visual reminder of tasks, appointments and social gatherings.  It can be the best choice for your children to keep focused on organizing their activities, rather than on their phone and being easily tempted by social media. Here are some simple tips to get them started on their road to an organized life with their planner!

Make it fun

Head to your local school supply store and let them find a school year (academic) planner that they like and then add some colored pens and calendar stickers to keep things fun.  These can help to keep them looking forward to an upcoming vacation, something yummy on the menu for dinner, or a sleepover party. It might even make a trip to the dentist a bit more fun…well, maybe not!  Let them get started on filling it in and personalizing it when you get home.

Make it work

Yes, it’s still summertime, and there are activities to write down like upcoming day trips and a day at the pool. Start now to begin the new habit of recording in the planner.  When the school year starts, they can add in due dates, assignments and special events like field trips. Update it together each evening, while they are working on their homework.

Make it consistent

At the end of each week, make time to review it with them and let them check off everything they completed. But most of all make sure they have it handy to record their entries.
Best wishes on an easy transition to back to school time!


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