Back To School Organizing

School’s Almost Back – Get Your Kids on the Organized Track! Chances are you use one of these every day, whether it’s a paper one - or - one on your phone. It also keeps your mind on the tasks at hand so that your brain doesn’t explode!   What am I talking about? Well a planner of … [Read more...]

Update Your Address Book!

Update Your Address Book! Holidays and Celebrations need people and you need a way to reach them... Is your address book up to date? In preparation for the Holidays, now's the time to Organize your Address Book by making sure your information is up-to-date for family and friends. This includes … [Read more...]

Time For Rest?

Are you so busy you'd welcome a serious time for rest and renjuvination?  It's said that making time for rest and some fun is a very important factor in your own well being. Here's an article that puts some things in perspective. Time to sharpen ourselves by Harold Taylor, … [Read more...]

New Video – About Simply Organized Solutions

Getting Organized has to happen even when you are a professional organizer.  Its been a long Summer because we've been working hard to freshen things up a bit.   One of the things we've done is to create this new video....  Let us know what you think! … [Read more...]

Laundry, Laundry Everywhere

Friend to Friend There are times when laundry takes over my house. Piles build up, though I try to stay on top of them. Many of the clothes are clean and even folded, but not put away. That tricky put-away-part is always hard for me. Then there are the socks. Oh, the socks! They burden me so … [Read more...]

American Flag Etiquette

Let us not forget that owners of an American Flag must follow certain guidelines in the use, display and discarding of the flag.  This post is focusing on the proper disposal of the American Flag since many times I am in a clients home and they don't know the proper etiquette. If the Flag becomes … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Makeover

Sunday afternoon, hanging out and browsing, then I stumbled upon this video with so many useful organizing ideas for a laundry room, I just had to share it.  At the end we learn she actually built it herself!  WOW! Laundry Room Makeover Video Link It goes to point out the important components … [Read more...]

Functional Kitchen Organizing

Kitchen Organizing How to Create a Functional Kitchen I'm often asked, "Is there a right way to organize my kitchen?"  Yes there is, and following are some basic guidelines you can follow to make the  most of your space.   It is the most used room in the home, so it's time to make it function to … [Read more...]

Get Organized Now

Get-Organized-Now Super-Quick, Feel-Good  Tips To Make You Feel Better Quickly   It's Time to Get Organized Now!  Take these small and easy steps to make your home look good. You’ll love how it feels! Then, let the momentum carry you to try larger organizing projects.   Make … [Read more...]

Organize The Attic! Out of Site-Out of Mind

Organize The Attic!  Out of Site-Out of Mind The attic is very often the most cluttered room in a home.   It gets filled with items that aren't used on a regular basis and therefore easily forgotten.   Cleaning out this space of the clutter and and deciding what should be saved may seem like an … [Read more...]

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