Clutter Calculators

Why It Pays To Organize!

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Studies estimate that the average person spends an average of 1 hour a day looking for lost or misplaced items…. basing it on only a 5 day work-week that equates to 6 weeks a year. So…. What does it cost you?

Calculation Formula:

(Annual Salary / 52 weeks in a year ) X 6 weeks looking = Cost of Disorganization


$52,000 Salary / 52 = $1,000 a week

$1,000 X 6 weeks a year = $ 6,000 a year looking for lost items !!!!

To an employer this is 6 weeks of unproductive work per employee annually.


Is Your Home Disorganized? … What’s the Cost of Lost Unusable Space?

If you are not using a space in your home because it is cluttered, then you are paying for unusable space …. does that make sense?

If you are a clutter-er…. how much is clutter costing you?

Calculation Formula:

(Monthly Rent-Mtg / Total Sq Ft of Home) X Sq Ft of Cluttered Space = Monthly Cost of Clutter


$1,500 Rent-Mortgage / 1500 sq ft = $1.00 square foot

$1.00 square foot X 500 = $500 of unusable space you are paying for monthly

$500 X 12 months a year = $6,000 Annually !!!

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