Our Process

The SOS Organizing Process

You’ve Taken the First Step to Getting Organized!

For most individuals, Getting Started is usually the most difficult part.
If you have ever said one of the following phrases … (or something similar!!) … you’ve come to the right place.

  • I don’t know where or how to begin …. so I won’t start.
  • I get too overwhelmed just thinking about it …. so I won’t think about it.
  • My schedule is too busy …. This project will take forever to accomplish.
  • Why get organized …. I’ll never be able to keep it organized.

The Bad News Is…. It won’t go away by itself!
The Good News Is….
We know how & where to begin ….

So…. Don’t Despair!
We are your connection to getting and staying organized!
We will teach you how and to make it easy for you maintain!


What Does Being Organized Mean?

  1. you are able to find what you need when you need it,
  2. you remember appointments, don’t double book and are on time for them, and
  3. you successfully manage your paperwork
  4. you successfully manage key life activities (self, family, home, work, friends, etc.)

Simply Organized Solutions will help you to get organized in a manner that uses the principles of organization to create the right customized solution for you.

From the very beginning, our objective is to put you at ease while providing the expertise and assistance you need to get the job done!


You are doing it right now….. Research!

Browse the Site, learn about us and what we do and when you are ready, just contact us by calling 631-363-9208 or Emailing contact@TheOrganizingService.com


We Talk…
We’ll have a telephone conversaton to discuss why you are looking for help and provide answers to your questions. This conversation is held directly with an organizing consultant and is strictly confidential. At the end of this call we hope you will ask us to schedule a Free Consultation.

We Visit…
The On-site Free Consultation provides you the opportunity to meet your organizer to be sure you will be comfortable working together. An organizing project requires a lot of interaction so this part is very important. The other reason for this visit is for the organizer to evaluate your situation first-hand so an improvement plan can be discussed at the end of the visit. This consultation takes about an hour.

Hopefully You Decide on Us!
During the Free Consultation you will receive a package of information that includes a project agreement. Whenever you are ready, just sign and return this agreement. Once we receive it, we will get you on the schedule. It’s as easy as that!


We Get To Work!
When we arrive for each visit, we’ll review the plan for the day and get right to work.

Getting organized involves four steps…. Sorting, Categorizing, Organizing and Maintaining. The Sorting process is usually the most difficult because it involves making decisions about what to keep. Our skills will help you through this process. We’ll help guide you to make a decision that is right for you. When you decide to keep something we will Categorize them and put everything away in an Organized manner. Throughout this process we will talking and creating a plan to help you Maintain the newly organized area once we are gone.

Simply Organized Solutions is a top Nassau-Suffolk County, NY professional organizer on FindMyOrganizer.com!