Time Management – Timeless Strategies

If you want to control your time… The sum of all your activities must be less than 24

Time Management Skills are something we all need to master. With good skills we have a better chance at accomplishing the things that are important to us in life. Time Management is not about how fast you can complete your to-do list or about how many things you can do. It’s not a contest…. it’s about making sure you live your life every day doing the right things that matter to you.

Everyone only gets 24 hours every day and how we use them is a reflection about how we live our lives. Unless you do something outrageous to gain attention, you usually won’t see the results of your time management skills for quite a while. This is why it difficult to pay continual attention to improving these skills. It is why all of a sudden we realize that ‘we should have done something sooner’ when we are faced with the results of a goal that has gone off track. (Exercise and diet are a prime example!)

If you schedule in a little time each day/week/month defining and working toward your goals, you have a better chance of making it your reality. Scheduling this time takes discipline and doing the work takes focus, but I promise, it’s important and you can see results. Following are some timeless strategies to help you get started!

Time Management Defined….
Increase your Efficiency And Effectiveness through the Organization of Tasks and Events while Optimizing the use of Tools and Techniques.

What Is Good Time Management?
— Selecting A Goal
— Making Right Choices In Line With That Goal
— Following-Through / Take Action

So Why Do We Struggle?
— It’s Tough To Make Priority Choices When Everyday Life Gets In The Way
— Goals Take Time To Achieve and We Don’t Like to Wait
— It Takes Discipline and We Have An Aversion To It

Why Does Everything Hinge On Good Time Management?
Effective Time Management Isn’t The Key To a Completed To-Do List,
It’s the Key to A Life You Can Be Proud Of.

How To Get Yourself Back On Track!

  1. Identify Where You are Stuck — What Goals Are You Not Accomplishing
  2. Write Down What Needs to Get Done – A Task List or a Promise for your Goal
  3. Adopt New Principles — Think In Time Blocks & Priorities & Accomplishment
  4. Avoid Stop Goal – Avoid Distractions that help you Stop Achieving Your Goal
  5. Plan Your Activities Weekly – It’s Good to Have A Look Ahead
    1. Use a Weekly / Monthly Calendar – Always Keep It With You
    2. Use ROUTINES to record blocks of Activities Groups (i.e.; Morning Routine, Dinner/Homework, Bedtime, etc. )
    3. Plot Your FIXED Activities – Non-Negotiable by Others (work, appointments, …)
    4. Plot Your MUST DO Activities – Non-Negotiable by You (Goals, Sleep)
    5. Add Some TIME CUSHIONS – for unexpected changes that will occur!
  6. Plan Your Day Daily – Helps You Keep Discipline & Focus
    1. Look at Yesterday’s Plan and Reflect on How It Worked For You
    2. Look at Your Calendar to see what is already scheduled
    3. Look at Your To-Do List – Is there anything you have time for today?
    4. Write a DAILY LIST of your To-Do’s & keep it visible always – cross off items when you are done!
    5. Most Importantly
      – Follow-Through & Learn From Your Results!

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